Climate of Georgia Country

The location of Georgia on the border between the moderate humid Mediterranean and the dry continental Aral Caspian areas is responsible for the climate of the country. A humid subtropical climate dominants in western Georgia, while eastern Georgia features a transition from subtropical to moderate. The climatic zones are ranging from humid subtropical to the eternal snow and glaciers. The greater Caucasus range moderates local climate by serving as a barrier against cold air from the north.

The mean January temperature varies from -2 degree (Kolkheti) to 3 degree; in August from 23 to 26 degree. In the mean annual precipitation varies from 1000 to 2800 mm, in eastern Georgia from 300 to 600 mm.


Western Georgia

Along the Black sea coast, from Abkhazia to the Turkish border, and in the region known as the Kolkhida lowlands inland from the coast, the dominant subtropical climate features high humidity and heavy precipitation. Several varieties of palm trees grow there. Midwinter average temperature here is 5c and the midsummer average is 22c.


Eastern Georgia

The plains of eastern Georgia are shielded from the influence of the Black sea by mountains of Likhi that provide a more continental climate. Average temperature in summer here is 20-24c, in winter 2-4c. Humidity is lower.

Alpine and highland regions in the east and west, as well as semiarid region on the Iori plateau to the southeast have distinct microclimates. Alpine conditions start at 2,100 meters and above 3,600 meters year-round snow and ice is present.

The best suggestions for travelers would from late spring till early fall tours, in winter snow resorts in the Caucasus mountains.

Climate of Georgia Country

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